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Ben Dixon is a father of four children, teacher of French and the author behind the world of Neil Peel. He grew up in Yorkshire, grew up a bit more in Leicestershire before moving to settle in Surrey. The Heroic Truths of Neil Peel is his first novel. He lives in Guildford with his wife, Sarah, and children, Sophie, Isabelle, Max and Kiera.

about the book

“Neil Peel. What the hell?” snarled Ottilie. “Of all the sad sacks in this school, I get stuck sitting at a desk next to the saddest of them all…again!”Neil Peel is about to start his first year at Titfield School, and this is his welcome. Best friends Stephen and Grub will be at his sides as he faces bullies, takes part in a football match for the uncoordinated, tries to survive a visit from a devilish cousin who’s determined to ruin his Christmas, and even faces a brush with crime.At least Neil’s evil genius older sister Lemony is on hand to trip him up and kick him when he’s down.Approaching adolescence is not easy for anyone, but life can be even harder when you always tell the truth. At least everybody knows where they stand with Neil, but will his honesty turn out to be a blessing or a curse?


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